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Merandas Web Page

Here you will find any updates to the site I have made!

MAY 5, 2001 This site was started!


DECEMBER 12, 2001
I have added an objects page. Go and See for yourself!

DECEMBER 10, 2001
I have removed, renamed and rearranged a few of my pages and added a new sim of me on the "Me As A Sim" page. I also added a sim of my cousin Rehena on my families skins page. Oh Yeah! I have the "HOT DATE" expansion pack hahahaha! I love it, so go get it, it's awesome!

NOVEMBER 18, 2001
I have combined my web page with my sims web page to make it a bit less confusing for me and hopefully to you, so go take a look if you like it let me know!